‘Mango’ is called the ‘King of fruits’ due to its sweetness and flavor. According to scientists all over the world, Pakistani mangoes are considered to be the sweetest and most amazing in flavor.Mangoes are grown in different parts of the world, but the ones available in Pakistan are known for its unique flavour, nature, colour and multiple health benefits.Mango is the second-highest growing fruit of Pakistan. Around 18 lakh tons of mango is produced every year in the country. Mangoes are growing in all 4 provinces of Pakistan, but a large percentage of total growth is received from Sindh and Punjab.Although 200 different types of mangoes are grown in the country but 20 of those types are specially grown for export purpose.Some of the most popular types of mangoes are ‘sindhri’, ‘neelam’, ‘chaunsa’, ‘anwar-ratol’, ‘alfanso’, ‘gulab-khasa’, ‘siroli’ etc.Other than Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Sweden, Denmark, Malaysia, Philippines, Srilanka, America, Israel, Florida, Brazil and West Indies also has the production of mango.‘Dusehri’ is a kind of mango, which is oblong and has very thin cover close to pulp. It is deep yellow in colour and taste is quite sweet and flavorful.Whereas, ‘sindhri’ is large in size. Skin is smooth and deep yellow in colour. Its seen is thick and oblong.

One of the most famous type of mango, ‘anwar-ratol’ is medium in size. Outer skin is smooth and light yellow in colour, and its pulp is orangish-yellow, quite aromatic and sweet.

On the other hand, ‘langra’ is a kind which is available in different sizes. Its skin is green in color and pulp is orangish-yellow, sweet and and flavourful in taste.There is no match of ‘chaunsa’ in taste, its skin is slightly thick and yellow in colour and pulp is deep yellow, very aromatic. Its seed is thin and oblong.‘Malda’ is quite large in size but with a small seed whereas ‘suharni’ is extremely sweet and medium in size.

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